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Friday, 10 July 2015

10th July 2015


WHAT A WEEK! Just when you thought the end of the year was in sight, we get the call from OfSTED, the school inspectors. There I was beavering away as usual, minding my own business on Tuesday afternoon when the phone rang.
I said, “Who’s speaking please?”
“You are!” Came the reply!
Eventually they explained that they were from Ofsted and they’d be in the next day for 2 days.  When schools are inspected they test everything you say about the school and gather a lot of evidence before making any judgements. They’ve seen teaching and learning in all classes twice and spoken to many parents and loads of children (!). They’ve looked through books and scrutinised assessments and data.
Actually though, the process has been pain-free. We know we’ve made a good start and we are at the beginning of a journey at Highbank. I am extremely proud of the children and their achievements this year. The report won’t be published until the holidays have started. We will let you know when it is and upload it onto the website and then in the new term, we will arrange a meeting with parents to discuss it- a bit like the head teacher’s question time I think.
F2 managed to escape on day 2 of the inspection because they had a trip!!! I know they and their parents had a wonderful time. This week also saw a lovely Y1 assembly about the great fire of London. Sadly, this is our last class assembly of the year however we are looking forward to the Y6 Panto in a couple of weeks. The children are rehearsing hard.
To round off my busy week, last night after the inspectors had gone, I drove home and ended up in a long traffic jam. A lorry full of tortoises had collided with a van of terrapins. It was a turtle disaster!
Today we have extremes……….. F1 Nursery have had a fantastic time at the theatre watching “Room on a Broom” and I’ve had my standards review meeting with the chair of governors and the head of the trust! Thank goodness it’s Friday!

Have a good weekend everyone. See you ALL on Monday, don’t be late.
Mr C.