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Friday, 13 November 2015

13th November 2015

Hi Everyone

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to update my blog. Sorry.

It’s been so busy in school over the last few weeks. So busy in fact, that I’ve been exhausted. I went to the health food shop to get something to give me energy. The lady in the shop came up to me and said, "Evening primrose oil?" I said "Mr Civil to you if you don’t mind!"

I couldn’t find anything in there so I went into another shop. It was really expensive. Even Velcro, what a rip off!

However what was nice was that somebody actually complimented me on my driving. They left a little note on the windscreen. It said "Parking Fine". So that was nice wasn’t it?

What’s been happening?

We’ve had the school photographer in taking photos of all our little angels. We hope you like the results. This is a new company we are trying, so we are interested in what you think about them. Let us know.

Our Y6 pupils have begun some transition work with Farnborough. They spent a great science and art day there in October. We have had so much feedback about how well behaved they are, how smart they look and how respectful and courteous they are. We’re very proud of them.

We’ve had poetry assemblies with some terrific winners, class assemblies and a really busy parents’ evening with lots of stalls. We’d really like to hear how effective that is for parents too, so please let us know.

The half term break in October was the last time we have two weeks for it. All schools in Clifton are reverting to one week next year. We sent a letter out about this. If you are unsure of the dates, call into the office. They are also on the website.

We’ve made it through fireworks night and halloween! I’m so glad trick or treating is finished for another year, I can’t eat any more sweets! (Actually that’s not quite true!) And here we are again at Children in Need Day!!! It’s GUNGING again! I’ll blog pictures and videos from today over the weekend. I’m really confident this year that I won’t be gunged!

Harvest: what a fantastic response we had to our harvest appeal. Thanks to your help, we managed to collect over 350 packets, jars and tins of food for the local Foodbank.

The staff have been involved in a lot of meetings with me about pupil progress, targets for achievement and checks on their own performance and skills. I’m due to have some meetings next week about my own performance and the performance of the school with my bosses.

Coming Up!

Next week sees our first Open Morning. We are opening classes in the main building (Y2,3,4,5,6) for parents to join us and see the children in action. A letter is going out today with the details. We hope you will be able to join us.

We are delighted with Mrs Morgan’s news of her pregnancy. We are interviewing candidates to fill in for her while she is away.

Attendance Week is coming up on 23rd November. You’ll need to collect 5 stickers to be in with a chance of winning a major prize.

Story Night is approaching! December 3rd will be story night in school where children can come back in their PJs and listen to some bedtime stories.


We are always interested in what you think, so please tell us. There is a red post box in the school entrance for comments about what’s going well and what could be better. It’s important to us that we understand how school is for you as parents and for the children. All comments can be anonymous but we ask that you put your child’s age or class in case the comments are age-related.


Don’t forget to look out for the blog later with the Children In Need photos.

Have a great weekend, see you Monday, don’t be late. I’m off to see England play New Zealand in the Rugby League tomorrow; come on England!

Mr C.