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Friday, 18 March 2016

18th March 2016


It’s SPORT RELIEF DAY in school today. Unfortunately I have been out of school all day but I know the activities planned for the children will have been thoroughly enjoyed. I’ll post some pictures onto the website as soon as possible. I’ve missed seeing all the children dressed up as their favourite sports star. 

It’s been a traumatic week for me. I went to the dentist on Tuesday. I was his last appointment. Now, most dentists’chairs go up and down. The one I was in went back and forwards.

I thought 'This is unusual'.

And the dentist said to me, ‘ Mr. C, get out of the filing cabinet!’
He’s told me to stop eating sweets! Aaaaargh! He said if I don’t I’ll end up needing a filling! I don’t want that, so no more sweets. It’s been tough but I’ve made it through 2 days! 

Another special weekend ahead; England Rugby playing for ‘The Grand Slam’ tomorrow.  
Come Onnnnnnn England! That’s what I’ll be doing on Saturday, I hope you can join me supporting England to ‘Grand Slam’ victory. 

GREAT NEWS! Mrs Morgan has had her baby (at last!). She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl this morning. We hope mum and baby are doing well and send them our best wishes. We are a bit concerned about the name; Gary is such an odd name for a girl! Perhaps Garretta? Maybe you can suggest something classy because Mrs Morgan’s struggling by the look of it! 

Have a great weekend. Stay safe and don’t be late on Monday. Just two weeks to go before the Spring holiday. 

Mr. C