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Friday, 4 March 2016

4th March 2016

HI Everyone,


We are eagerly awaiting news from Mrs Morgan on any arrival! However, baby may be late……Mrs Morgan often was! I remember when my children were little; we spent the first 18 months trying to get them to stand up and talk……then the next 18 years trying to get them to sit down and listen!

We’ve almost finished our latest round of Pupil Progress Meetings. There’s just a few to finish off next week. I’m really pleased how well so many children are using reasoning and problem solving in their maths. Over the next few weeks, the staff and I will be focussing on writing achievement.

Although we haven’t celebrated World Book Day this year, each child has been given a book token to spend. We are conscious that too many dress-up type days affect the children’s learning. We are in the midst of preparing for Sport Relief though on 18th March……..full details to follow.

Coming Up:

So, next week on Wednesday is our third OPEN MORNING. The focus for this session will be reading. Parents are invited to sit and have a cuppa with me as I introduce aspects about reading before going into class to see the children in action. We meet up at the end for a round-up. We hope many of you are able to come.

Family literacy class continues. We are so very proud of our parents who achieved so much in their maths course. They’re only just in the early stages of this course but we wish them well.

Family Bell Dancing continues each Thursday after school. It’s a great chance to flex!

Y4 children are beginning their rehearsals for their Easter Play at the end of term.

Story Night is back again on Thursday 17th March. We hope to see lots of children back in school for bed time stories, hot chocolate and cookies.

EASTER FAYRE. Following the success of our Christmas Fayre, we are holding an Easter Fayre on Thursday 24th March after school. More details to follow.

Parents’ Evening will be on 31st March. We will write to you soon giving more detail.


That’s all folks! Have a good weekend, don’t be late on Monday.

Mr C.