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Friday, 16 September 2016


Hi Everyone
This week we have had a keen focus on ‘Being, Safe, Keeping Safe’.
The NSPCC have delivered a number of assemblies to the children. This has been followed up in class and further whole school work with me.
We’ve called it ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy!’ This is also one of the songs Billy the Fish can sing!
This link will take you to the original song and lyrics.
Have a karoke at home! It’s a great song.
We’ve talked to children about being physical safe and emotionally safe. This has included work to ensure children understand that privates are private. We use the term ‘Safety Pants’ because everything that is behind underpants is private to them.
Here is a link to the NSPCC website to see the ‘Pantosaurus’ song!
We have also installed ‘Worry Boxes’ around the school for children to post their concerns. The key is encouraging children to speak out and seek support in all ways.
We are determined to work with you to keep our children safe from harm in any form.
Have a good weekend everyone.
See you next week.
Mr. C.