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Thursday, 22 September 2016



Today saw our first Poetry Assembly of the year. As always, we start with a Teachers’ Poetry Assembly. Two of our Y6 children made magnificent judges under testing conditions. It was a close call but the results were:

3rd: Miss Smith

2nd: Mrs Karlonas

1st: Mr Morledge

Many congratulations to Mr Morledge. He is the first winner of the magnificent Poetry Assembly Trophy. I’m absolutely gutted!

Here’s some of mine; see what you think:


There was a Headteacher you know

Whose singing was as good as the radio,

He was dashing and cool

All around the school

But he really needed to grow!


The Revenge of the Pea!

I am a little pea

Round and green and full of glee.

Not many like me at all

They prefer chips and beans and a ….ball (?)

But I’m full of goodness, strength and power,

If you eat me, I’ll never taste sour.

I’ll make you grow big as a tree

Just like the massive Mr C!

BUT, if you shun me and cast me aside

If you flick me or try to hide,

I’ll roll around and wait for you

Even hiding behind the loo!

And when you least expect it

(even if you’re in your best outfit)

I’ll roll beneath your feet

And make you slip a right old treat.

SO….if you want to avoid a fall

If you want to grow big and tall,

EAT YOUR PEAS in the dining hall.


See? That has to be a winner. I was robbed!

Our first children’s poetry assembly this year is Y6 on 6th October at 9:30 a.m. You are all welcome to come and watch.