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Monday, 9 January 2017

Welcome Back.


Welcome back to school. I hope you have all had a restful and exciting holiday.

School has started at a fast pace as usual. Last week we held pupil progress meetings to make sure we are doing as much as we can for each of our pupils and this week is hectic too.

It was good to see some of you come to our Reading Workshop for parents of children in F2, Y1 and Y2. The next workshop is for Phonics on 16th January at 2:30pm. We shall be holding 2 more reading workshops for parents of children higher up the school.
Story Night is on 26th January, Family Bingo begins after school on 19th January with Family Quiz Night on 9th February. Don't forget it's my birthday on 25th February!!

Next week sees the return of clubs and after-school activities. You will have received a letter about these and need to sign up:

Mondays: 1-1:30pm Table Tennis (Y2-Y6)

                   3:30-4:30pm Tag Rugby (Y3-Y6)

Tuesdays: 3:30-4:30pm Football (Y3-Y4)

                   3:30-4:30pm Netball  (Y3-Y6)

Thursdays: -1:30pm Cricket (Y3-Y6)

                   3:30-4:30pm Football (Y5-Y6)

                   3:30-4:30pm Basketball (Y5-Y6)

The Y3/4 class are holding their Poetry Assembly this week and The Y4 class are holding theirs next week. Friday Assembly is back on Friday 13th January, this week. All parents are welcome.

We have raised the profile of our core values with the children. We call them The 5 Bs:

Be Respectful

  •  By caring for others and their property
  • By using good manners
  • By following class rule

Be Generous

  • By sharing equipment
  • By sharing our time with others
  • By giving positive support to each other

Be Friendly

  • By helping each other
  • By saying polite and supportive things
  • By being patient, punctual and attentive

Be Responsible

  • By thinking about your actions
  • By following instructions
  • By taking pride in work and appearance

Be Honest

  • By telling the truth
  • By owning up
  • By trying your best

Children will be awarded stickers for exhibiting any of these values so that you can see too. We shall award certificates for those children who achieve ten stickers on any value. This is in addition to the Rainbow Chart.

Have a good week.

Mr C.