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Wednesday, 24 May 2017


Hello Everyone,

I am sure that, like us, you will have been shocked and saddened by recent events in Manchester.

Such a tragic incident affecting so many young lives.

Today, we have talked through this with children at school in assembly. We made it fit into our theme of Relationships and talked about our Core Values in school, which all the children know really well. We reminded ourselves what British Values are too and discussed why terrorists act in the way they do and how that is totally abhorrent to our core values and to British values. We looked at how the community in Manchester pulled together to help each other showing that this was not about religion or nationality but against those values that we live by each day.

We also spent some time thinking about those young people who were killed and their families.

If your child raises this subject at home, it's ok to let them talk about it. I would advise being as candid as possible depending on their age.

I know you will join me in wishing all those affected by the tragedy our very best and warmest Highbank wishes.

Mr. C