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Friday, 23 June 2017


What a great week we’ve had in school this week.

SPORTS WEEK has energised us all. I even got my shorts out on Monday when I dressed as Stanley Matthews. What a great star he was. I think he and I have so much in common…. And it’s not because we’re both old! It was really great to see so many of our children dressed as sports heroes and the money raised from those proceeds helps to keep replacing playground equipment.

We’ve covered these sports this week: cricket, dodge-ball, football, archery, quad sports, sprinting, hurdling, javelin, basketball, table tennis, Zumba, agility and of course our favourite races in sports day: The Great Late for School Race, The Water Race and The Great Obstacle Race.

Phew, what a lot! And it’s been so hot this week, especially on Wednesday when we had sports day. Apparently, it was the hottest June day since the summer of 1976 (I remember it well. What a great summer that was; it was the start of my discotheque years!). Mr O and I were out in it all day. We can confirm it was very warm indeed (I have to admit, I was flagging by the end of the day)!

The children have really enjoyed all the sports this week and it’s been great watching them tackle new sports with energy and confidence. I was really pleased to see our new table tennis tables out as one of the potted sports. It’s a great game and thanks to all our parents and families for helping us raise the money to buy them. We now have four tables. I loved playing. I challenged everyone and won (?) of course and proclaimed myself champion of champions…..unless you want to challenge me! Some of the other staff got engrossed in it too and forgot the children were supposed to be playing!

The potted sports day went so well. While it was a warm day, it wasn’t sunny and so we were able to enjoy all the sports outside all day. In cricket, I showed the kids my googlies but there was something wrong with the pitch because the ball wouldn’t turn!

Sports day was a smasher! It went really well because our sports leaders worked so hard. We had plenty of parents come and cheer the children on. We hope you enjoyed it too.

Thursday was Zumba day and all children danced throughout the day with Ali-Baba our instructor but the ‘piece de resistance’ was Globetrotter Friday when we welcomed back our BFG, Paul Sturgess who was once in the Harlem Globetrotters. Children had a great day meeting him and playing basketball with him. It’s such a privilege to have him come to school. This is the third year Paul has come to Highbank. He’s a real gentleman and we are very pleased to welcome him back anytime.

I’m always amazed, each time I meet him, how tall he really is. Mr Morledge thought I looked like I was Paul’s child when we were outside walking and talking together! Paul is now Britain’s tallest man (7’7”). He was telling me he is due to star in some films soon. He’s working with Jude Law and Johnny Depp! We look forward to seeing him on the big screen.

I’m hoping for a restful and relaxing weekend after this week. Many thanks to Mr O for organising Sports Week again. It’s been a great week in school. I hope you have a restful weekend.

See you on Monday, don’t be late.

Mr. C.