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Friday, 22 September 2017

FRIDAY….FRIDAY….FRIDAY…. At last it’s Friday.

I’m sure Shakespeare’s King Richard in “Richard III” really meant:

“Friday, Friday. When will it be Friday?” Instead of “A horse, a horse! My kingdom for a horse!”

What a mega-week it’s been: swimmers and strummers and babies and boosties and singing and drumming and screaming (sorry, that was me!)…. and so much more.


Many congratulations are due to Mr Barnham and Mrs Barnham who gave birth to 8lb, Baby Barnham at 10:51 a.m. on Wednesday 20th October. We wish them all well and look forward to Mr Barnham’s return from ‘baby mayhem’. (He’ll be glad to get back!)

Christmas? Really?

Our local M.P. and friend of the school, Lilian Greenwood is due to launch her Christmas Card Competition direct from downtown Highbank this afternoon

Class Welcome Meetings for Parents

We are pleased to announce that we shall be holding ‘Welcome Meetings’ for parents with their child’s class teacher over the course of the next week or so.

These meetings invite you to come into class and hear what the children will be studying this year, what the expectations are and what you can do to help. It will be a meeting with you and the staff that work with your child; we will move the children elsewhere for that period.

We hope you will be able to make it. Below is a timetable that shows the times and dates of each meeting (we’ve already had a meeting with the Y6 parents):

Date and Time
Miss Guthrie; Nursery
27/09/17    11:00 a.m.

Mr Mayfield; F2
26/09/17     3:00 p.m.
Mrs Martin; Y3
Miss Smith; Y1
27/09/17     3:00 p.m.
Mr Morledge; Y4/5
Miss Reed; Y1/2
2/10/17       3:00 p.m.

Mr Lovell; Y2/3
25/09/17     3:00 p.m.

28/09/17     3:00 p.m.
Mrs Karlonas; Y5/6

29/09/17     3:00 p.m.
Mrs Norton; Y4/5

We hope that you find them useful. Parents’ Evening will be Wednesday 18th October 2017.


We have been made aware of a suspicious man on Scaffell Park. I am aware that many of our children visit the park and I inform you of this in order that you can take whatever measures possible to keep your child(ren) safe.

The white man is described as between 25-30 years of age with closely cropped hair. He wears a white shell-suit with blue markings.

I am not aware of him approaching children but it is reported that his actions are indecent. If you have any further information, please call the police.

Marvellous Me

Get wonderful news about your child’s learning and success.

MarvellousMe is an exciting app that tells you about the wonderful things that your child is learning, and pings you on your phone when they've been praised for good work or a great character skill. It makes you smile, feel proud, and inspires better home learning, support and encouragement.

To get started follow the instructions on the letter that we send out on Monday, then:

1.    Download the MarvellousMe parent app, or join up at www.marvellousme.com
2. Tap 'Sign Up'
3. Enter the join code provided by your child's teacher.
4. Enter your name and email, and make up a password.

You can invite partners, grandparents and carers to join up too.

·         Tap 'Settings' and then choose 'Share your app'.

·         Send a Hi5 back every time you get wonderful news.

·         Add more children by tapping 'Add child'. Then enter their join code.

·         See term dates and go to the school's web site by tapping the icons on the home screen.

·         Get help and watch the parent video at www.marvellousme.com

We are very excited about this and think parents and children will love it. Make sure you sign up as soon as you get the letter on Monday.

Jeans 4 Genes

It been great seeing so many children and staff supporting Jeans 4 Genes today. The money raised will help disorder-specific charities and patient groups to deliver inspiring projects and support services for children affected by a genetic disorder in the UK. The money raised on Jeans for Genes Day provide grants for day-to-day support, equipment, nursing and patient support services, and events which bring together affected children and their families.

It’s a great cause; thank you for your support.

Transition to Secondary

Mr Chaloner from Farnborough School has been to visit our Y5 and Y6 pupils this week to invite them to Farnborough’s Open Evening Event, held last night. As always, our pupils were respectful and courteous but then again, what else do you expect from the best school in Clifton.

Don’t forget though, if you have a Y6 child, you will need to have completed the secondary transfer application by 31st October. You can follow this link:


Family Learning

This week saw the first of sixteen maths sessions for some of our parents. I’m told they concentrated hard, behaved well (?!) and worked hard. Well done to all of them. We wish them well on their math’s journey.

Nominations Reminder

We respectfully remind you that Parent Nominations are for outstanding achievement at home or out of school rather than for expected behaviour. This ensures the credit and award is not devalued in any way. Nominations are made through the “Information for Parents” tab on the web site’s home page.

Have a good weekend. Don’t be late on Monday.

Mr. C.