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Friday, 29 September 2017

Happy Friday

Class Meetings:
We have completed 90% of the class welcome meetings so far. We hope you were able to make it and found them useful. There’s just Mrs Norton’s today and Miss Reed’s on Monday. Each of these is at 3:00 p.m.

Marvellous Me
I hope you have downloaded the App and started receiving updates and messages about your child in school. If you haven’t, please sign up as soon as possible to begin. Your unique code will have been included in the letter sent out this week.

To get started follow the instructions on the letter, then:

1.    Download the MarvellousMe parent app, or join up at www.marvellousme.com
2. Tap 'Sign Up'
3. Enter the join code provided by your child's teacher.
4. Enter your name and email, and make up a password.

You can invite partners, grandparents and carers to join up too.

·         Tap 'Settings' and then choose 'Share your app'.

·         Send a Hi5 back every time you get wonderful news.

·         Add more children by tapping 'Add child'. Then enter their join code.

·         See term dates and go to the school's web site by tapping the icons on the home screen.

·         Get help and watch the parent video at www.marvellousme.com

We are very excited about this and think parents and children will love it.

The football team had a tremendous result last night against last year’s champions when they thrashed South Wilford 1-0 ! What a tremendous achievement.

Next week….
We have pupil progress meetings for all teachers. This is the meeting where we set the targets for the class and different groups of children and make plans for ensuring children’s achievement is as good as it can be. We shall be holding our first check meeting at the beginning of November. So if teachers look stressed, you’ll know why!

On Monday we have a theatre group coming into school to perform Beauty and the Beast. They did wonder whether I’d like to play Beauty and then met me! Never mind, I know the children will love it.

Family Numeracy continues on Tuesday and the children continue to strum, bang and swim as normal. We are aiming to achieve some grade 1 guitarists.

Next week, you should receive a letter inviting you to parents evening. Please let us know which time slot suits you best and we will do what we can to accommodate you.

Finally, don’t forget school is closed on Friday 6th October for Staff training.

Have a good weekend.

Mr. C.