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Friday, 15 September 2017

It’s Friday! Welcome to happy Friday everyone.

This week we’ve had prisoners of war, guitar strumming and drum playing, booster bananza and a new staff poetry champion!

120 children visited Eden Camp in Yorkshire on Monday which used to be a prisoner of war camp during WW2. Our upper KS2 are studying WW2 and reading ‘The Boy in Striped Pyjamas’ (such a great book) and this trip fitted it so well. The children got such a lot from the visit, making links from their learning in school and feeling what life may have been like for prisoners of war. It was a long day though for our children; arriving at school at 6:45 a.m. and returning at 7:00 p.m. I know they were tired but I was so pleased ALL returned bright and early on Tuesday morning for school.

Music teaching started in KS2 this week with children playing guitars with our staff and some from Nottingham City Music Service. It was so tuneful, I went to work in KS1 especially when the drums began later in the day!!

If working a long day on Monday wasn’t bad enough, our Y6 children have started their booster bananza this week. All our Y6 children have committed themselves to extra lessons either early morning or after school. Well done, children, we know it’s going to make such a difference and thanks to ALL teachers and support staff for being involved too. It adds to their workload also. In any case, it’s a great Team Highbank effort. And yes, even I’ve dusted off my teaching tools! Furthermore, the Grammar King has come back! (That’s me.) I’m working with Y6 most afternoons boosting glorious grammar-I love grammar, I can’t get enough of it!

Yesterday, we began our poetry assemblies. The first one of each year is the staff poetry assembly. Former winners are Miss Ishmael, Me and Mr Morledge. On the staff this year, we had three newbies to poetry assembly: Mr Barnham (he joined us in April), Mrs Norton and Miss Lewis, who is covering Mr Lovell’s. After a tense and dramatic contest, the two judges from Y6 announce that Miss Lewis came third, Mr Barnham came second and Mrs Norton won! Far too much leeway given to new staff in my opinion!!

Next week, swimming and music continues but so much more:

·         Mrs Barnham is due to have her baby on Wednesday so Mr Barnham will be away for a short time. Mr Bennet is with us (he’s the very tall man) and will continue until Mr Barnham returns. How things have changed; in my day when people had a baby, they were given an aspirin and told to go back to work! We are very excited for Mr and Mrs Barnham though and hope all goes well.

·         Mr Chaloner, Headteacher from Farnborough, is coming in to speak to our Y5 and Y6 children. Farnborough are holding an open evening on Thursday 21st September beginning at 5:45 p.m.

·         My Mother is going to Scotland for a week which means I get some respite! Dear old mum.

·         Lilian Greenwood, M.P. is launching her Christmas Card competition from here next Friday afternoon. It will be good to see her again. She is a friend of the school.

·         We shall be starting a new communication App for parents but more details will come out next week.

In other news, we’ve gone panto crazy! A performance of Beauty and the Beast will be coming to Highbank  in October and one class is going out to see Cinderalla. (“Oh no they’re not!”)

Finally, my watch broke this week at school. I went into a shop to buy another one.

I said “I’d like to buy a watch please.”

The shop assistant asked, “Analogue?”

“No,” I replied, “Just a watch!”

Have a good weekend, don't be late on Monday.
Mr. C.